How I use KOBO

I first came across KOBO in Upstate New York. I was walking around Annandale-on-Hudson and picked up Violette Noir at a boutique and thought it was the best thing I'd ever smelled. I was in college and didn't have many funds for it, but I bought the candle. I'd light it at school to brighten up the space. It calmed me down.

During the pandemic, I added a few more to the collection: Warm Embers, which feels like you're sitting around a bonfire; and Wild Tomato Vine for the upcoming summer (it smells like the garden). And I bought Pamplemousse for my Mom. She can't eat grapefruit as much on her medication, but she (and everyone) loves the scent. I love your scents because they smell exactly how they're labeled — it's not the “idea” of a fire or ash, gardens, herbs, etc., it truly just smells like them. Like someone crushed up basil or tomatoes and put them into the soy wax. So suffice to say I'm a big fan.

— Leandra, RI