One of my favorite candles to burn in the kitchen is Wild Tomato Vine by KOBO. It smells absolutely amazing, it's so fresh and so green. I love burning it when i'm cutting vegetables or making a salad. I feel it enhances the flavors of the food that I'm making and I absolutely love it. Another great thing about this candle is that it comes in a recyclable box. All you have to do is soak the box and plant it, and you've got a tomato! How amazing is that? It's like the candle that just keeps on giving.

— Naadine, CA


Luxury Candle Specialist Naadine Koi of Well Boxed, uses KOBO's Wild Tomato Vine for cooking to enhance the flavors of the food she's making. Follow Naadine on Instagram @wellboxed, and visit her site Well Boxed to learn more about her styling collaborations.

Wild Tomato Vine

Ripe, succulent tomato amid an herbaceous accord of wild clover, fresh herbs and leafy greens creating a picked-fresh-from-the-vine fragrant experience.

tomato leaf, clover

• 60-hour burn time

• 100% pure soy wax

• 3.5"(h) x 3.25"(l) x 3.25"(w)

• Plantable, biodegradable, seed-infused packaging

• Get the most out of your product with proper candle care.

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