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I use the Portuguese Olive Blossom for meditation. I love how just 30 minutes of burning can fill the room for the afternoon. It’s not too sweet, the lavender blends really nicely with the earthiness of the olive and patchouli. Been using it for 4 years and it’s the perfect candle for relaxation!

— Kristoffer, NYC

Portuguese Olive Blossom

An herbaceous harmony of Mediterranean olive blend, embellished with fresh lavender and aromatic eucalyptus amid sheer floral nuances of lily and hyacinth above a soft background of precious woods and rich patchouli.

hyacinth, eucalyptus, olive, lavender

• 80-hour burn time

• 100% pure soy wax

• 5.5"(h) x 4"(l) x 4"(w)

• Extinguishing lid and a box of wooden matches included.

• Get the most out of your product with proper candle care.

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